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Background Story

Vika L. Coppens is a Belgian illustrator, artist and author who loves to capture the deepest emotions of humanity and transforms them unto the canvas by using a variety of illustration techniques such as chalk; pen and acrylic techniques.

Using a very unique literary technique of descriptive writing, fantasy and philosophy, she wrote her debut novel, HumanAlien which changed her entire life. Sold in over 65 countries and 4 continents she gained lot's of praise and recognition as an author.

The inspiration for all the art she creates is humanity, people itself and the feelings they are most terrified to show in society.. By creating an emotional effect and creating a story behind each piece of art, she sold her art all over the world, illustrates picture books, album covers and poetry.
If you want to see the artist’s work on display, you can visit the gallery “Balthasars”in Brussels.

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